Facinet is the premiere
Internet Service Provider in Mexico

Providing Internet to the people is our primary objective.


Facinet began offering Internet to the families of Mexico in May of 2007.​ Over the years, Facinet has built a substantial network footprint to address the last mile needs of the market in central Mexico.


Facinet's unique technology enable them to reach families in the big cities as well as small communities of rural Mexico. We now provide internet to subscribers in 5 states covering over 11,000 square km.


For $15 a month a family can receive up to 1.5 Mbps to their home. That is only 50 cents a day. By extending communication to the towns families can stay conneceted to friends and relatives around the world.


Partnersips with various level of the government and private sector has allow Facinet to connect people to the Internet. This has enriched the lives of many families especially in the towns with no communication.


Over 85% of the schools in the small towns have computers .... BUT do not have Internet. Facinet Provides FREE Internet to these schools and will donate the equipment necessary to connect these schools to the nation and the world.


Facinet's commercial Internet can provide speeds up to 40 Mbps. As well other other service such Private networks (VLANs) and data encryption (VPNs) can be layerd onto our fully segmented network. Our engineers will tailor a solution for the business.

Help bring internet to your neighbourhood, community or town
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Also find out how to get free Internet for your school and health center.

Services for you ...

Facinet offers a variety of products.
Please call 449-107-7370 for more information and the special package for you.

Residential Basic

$188 MEX pesos/month ​


Receive at up to 1.5 Mbps

Send at up to 356 Kbps

Residential Ultra

$349 MEX pesos/month ​


Receive at up to 3 Mbps

Send at up to 512 Kbps

Commercial Business

For commercial customers we offer dedicated bandwidth where their link to the Internet is not share with other residential and commercial customer traffic.

​This service is ideally suited for Voice communication such as Skype and VoIP. We can also customize you link for secure traffic and specialize routing. (VPN and VLAN) Please contact Facinet for more information.